CCFCS Events

Our fundraising events are designed to celebrate you, our donors and all who partner with us, as we seek to raise awareness and support - in a unique and fun setting - for the work that #{orgName.short} (#{orgName.initials}) does for the poor and most vulnerable in our community.

Raising awareness and funds for the programs and services of Catholic Family Center

Our dedicated staff, with the help of loyal artists and volunteers, hosts events throughout the year.

Your generosity helps Family and Community Services continue our efforts to provide hope and care, hand-to-hand with our clients in the neighborhoods we serve.

Empty Bowls 2021 Soup's back on! Thursday, December 2nd - Where artistry meets philanthropy

Hope Gala 2020 Our online COVID-19 Hope Gala Fundraiser exceeded all hopes and expectations!

CFC Events

Join the movement and bring hope to so many

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