Foster Care - Unaccompanied Refugee Minor Program

Foster Care, Unaccom­panied Refugee Minor Program Foster care services for youth whose lives have been torn apart by war and oppression

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    55 Troup St., Rochester 14608

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    (585) 546-7220 x4805

About the Program

Family and Community Services specializes in foster care services for youth from around the world up to age 21 whose lives have been torn apart by war and oppression. The youth, arriving in the United States with no identified family or support, have been exposed to chronic trauma and stress which may include exposure to violence, loss of family and loved ones, deprivation, abuse and neglect, and displacement from their homes. The program works to help them resolve the impact of this trauma, develop Independent Living and academic skills and provide ongoing support to their foster families to assist them to build a strong family unit.

Refugee Resettlement


unaccompanied refugee youth were served by generous foster families during 2019. 100% of those leaving foster care had a clear transition plan to safety and stability.

Do you feel called to foster?

The Story of My Life as a Foster Mom

Thomasena Newton grew up in South Carolina and moved to Rochester when she was in her late twenties. Ms. Newton had always wanted to have kids, however, circumstances were never right for her to have her own. She began to feel called to become a foster parent. Little did she know that she was about to embark on a journey wherein she would become a mother to over 100 children, from newborn babies to 21-year-olds.

Fostering an Unaccompanied Refugee Minor is a Special Calling

Cheryl’s involvement with foster care children in our unaccompanied refugee minor program, coupled with learning the stories of the “Lost Boys of Sudan,” inspired Cheryl to become a foster parent herself. Since 2002, 13 children and teenagers, from Haiti, Sudan, Congo, Iraq, Afghanistan, Cameroon and Honduras, have benefitted from Cheryl responding to the call to serve as a URM foster care parent.

What the Program Offers

  • Specialized foster homes to provide safe, stable family-oriented living
  • Case management services provided by highly trained social workers
  • Legal support to stabilize immigration status
  • Consistent medical and dental care through the support of MCDHS
  • Advocacy in all areas of life including educational, social, recreational and legal
  • Support and guidance to develop valuable life skills to become successful and self sufficient
  • Access to mental health services and support groups targeted to address adjustment and acclimation to life in the United States, past trauma, grief and loss, etc.
  • The opportunity to attend and graduate from high school and pursue a college education or a vocational career path

Informational Meetings

Informational meetings will be conducted via Zoom!

Next sessions:

  • Monday, July 11 @ 6PM
  • Monday, August 8 @ 6PM
  • Monday, September 12 @ 6PM
  • Monday, October 10 @ 6PM
  • Monday, November 14 @ 6PM
  • Monday, December 12 @ 6PM

Please contact Kathryn Young to register at (585) 546-7220 ext 4846 or

Eligibility criteria

Referred youth must be under 18 years of age at time of entrance into our program. Youth must be accepted for foster care services by Monroe County Department for Human Services (MCDHS) for placement with Catholic Family Center. Youth must comply with all foster care regulations in order to maintain their eligibility.

Intake Process

Referrals for youth come through the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops and the Office of Refugee Resettlement Services. The program does not take any referrals directly.

Program Cost

There is no cost for the program.

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