Employment Services

for People with HIV/AIDS

Overview Our Employment Services for People with HIV/AIDS

HEI/Step Up To Employment:

This program is funded by the Office of Temporary Disability Assistance (OTDA).

The Step Up To Employment team works with people to establish person-centered plans to find gainful and sustainable employment in the community. Family and Community Services provides people living with specific chronic illnesses the support and education they need to return to work or enter the workforce.

“I am so glad that there is a program to help find us employment. Your team has helped me to get motivated to WANT to work and be independent. I love everyone at Catholic Charities and especially this program.”

The Step Up To Employment program provides wrap around services including case management to help reduce or eliminate barriers to employment, job coaching, soft skills education, interview skills training, resume development, basic computer and internet skills, job search assistance and assistance enrolling in skilled labor trades, secondary education, or TASC/TABE/GED programs.

More Information

For more information or if you have questions, please contact the Employment Services Supervisor at 585-339-9800.

“I feel so confident in your employment team even though this is my first meeting with you. You already have made suggestions for jobs that are hiring now. This program is like a God send."

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