Parents and Children Together (PACT)

Parents and Children Together (PACT) Strengthening families, while establishing a safe permanent plan for the child.

Contact Information:

  • Address:

    1099 Jay Street, Building J, Rochester, NY 14611

  • Phone:

    (585) 546-7220 x4818

  • Fax:

    (585) 325-3867

About the Program

The PACT program, formally known as General Preventive, is a home based counseling program for families with children under age 18 who are at risk of foster care placement, at risk of re-entering foster care, or in foster care needing to be re-unified.

What the Program Offers

Weekly home visits by a social worker to assist families with:

  • Coping with the stresses of parenting
  • Increasing knowledge of child development and strengthening the parent/child relationship
  • Obtaining food, clothing or shelter
  • Applying for Medicaid
  • Locating appropriate day care for their children or advocating for them in school
  • Obtaining necessary referrals for prevention of domestic violence, mental health issues or substance abuse
  • Providing evidenced based, in home, therapeutic interventions
  • Referral to a Parenting Group

Eligibility criteria

The families must reside in Monroe County and have an identified child(ren) at risk of foster care and/or abuse and neglect.

Intake Process

To make a referral for the program, please call the Monroe County Department of Human Services, at (585) 753-5821.

Program Cost

There is no cost to eligible families. The program is voluntary and families do not have to accept the service.

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