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As the single mom of a six-month-old baby, Allyson was experiencing economic hardship. She sought help from Family and Community Services’s (CCFCS) Community Resource Services (CRS) where she met Margy Shavick, CRS Clinical Supervisor. “I had never been on my own with my baby and Margy taught me how to advocate for myself and Lily. She connected me to community services and helped me get back on my feet,” says Allyson.

Lily “had some words at 18 months old but then she lost them.” Her doctor recommended Early Intervention (EI) Services and Allyson chose CFC’s EI program because of the very positive experience she had at CRS. They began working with an Ongoing Service Coordinator in October of 2011. “She was wonderful and supportive and helped me learn about resources in the community.” Lily, who was diagnosed with Apraxyia of Speech, Sensory Integration Disorder, and Hyperkinesis/ADHD, was connected to a provider who specializes in Developmental Delays and to a speech therapist. At just over 2 ½ years of age, Lily said “Mommy” and “I love you” for the first time. Now at the age 4 ½, Lily is preparing to start Kindergarten.

Allyson, who graduated from SUNY Brockport with a Bachelors Degree in Communications Studies & Psychology, came “full circle” (as she proudly describes it) when she was hired by CCFCS as an EI Ongoing Service Coordinator in November of 2013.

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