Support Services

for People with HIV/AIDS

Overview Our Support Services for People with HIV/AIDS

Family and Community Services provides a variety of supportive services for people who are living with specific chronic illnesses. Services are provided on an individual basis or in group settings. All services are centered on each individual’s needs to support their health and quality of life.

Peer Support

Knowing someone else who is living with a chronic illness can offer tremendous support when faced with fear and isolation. Our trained peer navigators are available to offer care and support as individuals with lived experience begin or re-enter care. Peer support provides a unique level of understanding, as peers can share their stories when faced with similar challenges.

Health Education

Understanding and maintaining a treatment plan can be very difficult and even overwhelming. Getting accurate and up to date information on medical care can be confusing. Through health education sessions, clients gain a better understanding of their illness, treatment plans and medications. Our trained health educators offer educational sessions individually or in a group setting to best meet each individual’s needs and learning level.

“It was love, nothing but love… it’s where I am not alone.” When Sarah told her family and friends about her HIV diagnosis, many turned their backs on her. Family didn’t spend time with her; friends ignored her calls. She felt all alone in a very dark place. At her first meeting with the Catholic Charities Family and Community Services’ Women’s Group, she found kindred spirits. She found women who were already walking the path on which she was headed. She found friends. She found a feeling of love. She found that she was not alone.

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